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53038 POGGIBONSI Loc. Staggia Senese 
Via Prato 16 Tel. e Fax 0577.931.944 


AT Trattoria La Rana you can enjoy a large veriety of dishes: Wood-burning oven baked bread and pizza, home-made egg pasta, grilled T-bone steak and other excellent meat from Tuscany, all the classic ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine, fish … down the most unusual combinations with the Oriental cuisine … everything in a menu changing from season to season, right in order to get the most from every product in its best quality, strictly selecting genuineness.

You can also choose vegetarian cuisine or dishes prepared in compliance with dietary allergies.

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The Trattoria la Rana proposes on several ordinazione menù that can be of earth (to leave 25) with cooked fresh pastes and the roast ones to firewood or of sea with fresh fish.

Our desserts are all home-made, and the wines are all produced in our territory and generally not available in large-scale retail trade.

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